Paint to the beat

An innovative interactive art project

Participants will be invited to listen to recorded music on headphones and respond to what is heard by painting on canvas. Anyone may participate: each session lasts approximately three minutes. Please see video and pictures below.

The project will be open to visitors from 1 pm - 5 pm each day except Sunday. The resulting art work will be auctioned. Bids may beĀ placed in sealedĀ envelopes (forms and envelopes available on site) at any time during the week. The auction will close at 5 pm on Friday 11th May and the results announced at the interval of the evening concert on that day.

There is a separate project for primary school children. For full details please use contact form.

Video of a previous exposition of this project:

Pictures from the previous project.

IMG 0239
IMG 078
IMG 0261