Amateur* photo competitions

*Amateur: “one who engages in a pursuit . . . without remuneration”. If you offer photographic services of any kind for payment,  full or part time, you are not eligible to enter this competition.

All sections are FREE TO ENTER. The number of entries is not limited.

Entries are received at St Mary’s Priory, (next to the church), Brownedge Lane, PR5 6SP between 10 am & 5 pm on Saturday 27th April or by post or e-mail (see below).

SECTION 1. Students - in two subdivisions: i) primary school students and ii) secondary/high school students. AGE must be stated. Prizes in each section may be awarded to first, second and third in the form of  art materials or vouchers; commendations may also be given.
SECTION 2.  Amateurs 16 years of age or over. Trophies will be presented to 1st (the Roy Wilde Trophy), 2nd & 3rd.

At the judges’ discretion additional awards or commendations may be made or any award withheld.

1 - Digital images only are accepted and must be accompanied by an entry form;
2 - they must be original and not previously entered for this competition; 3 - no title or name to be visible on the image, no name contained in the image title (These will be added after judging.) 
4 - price if for sale as prints, NFS if not; (20% commission is charged on sales income.)
5 - CDs and DVDs are not returnable unless a stamped addressed envelope is enclosed;
6 - Entries will be displayed on a 1080p HD widescreen tv, consequently the preferred resolution is 
1290 x 1080 @ 92 ppi (other resolutions will be accepted)  JPEG files preferred.

Please contact if you would like to have an entry form e-mailed to you.

Entries may be sent by post or e-mail: to be included in the judging they must be received on or prior to submission day. Entries received after submission day will be displayed but not included in the judging.

Entries are judged & selected for exhibition by a panel of adjudicators chaired by professional artist Martin Cullen. The  decisions of the adjudicators are final.

Postal entries: Festival Events Secretary, 2 Withy Gardens, Bamber Bridge, Preston PR5 6DH
E-mail entries and enquiries: <>